Thanks for everyone who attended Marketing Training with G.O.L & IRC

We hope all of you have enjoyed it

G.O.L Current opportunities

1- Branding Workshop Application Link   Event link Deadline 20th May. 2016

2- Career Development & Soft Skills Training, June. 2016. More info Deadline 1st June. 2016

3- Mini Grants Opportunities for social entrepreneurs. More info Deadline 30th May. 2016

4- Fully funded scholarship to Netherlands. More info 

5- We are searching for entrepreneurs to publish their success stories. More info

6- We are searching for HRM trainers to deliver trainings with G.O.L & IRC – US Embassy in Cairo. More info

7- G.O.L launched Study Abroad Department to support Egyptian students to pursue their degrees in US or German universities. More info 

Marketing Training’s photos

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