Apply to October 2015 Marketing program 

1st - October Trainig

Apply now! to attend October 2015 marketing training program organized by Goal Oriented Learners (G.O.L) and hosted by IRC – U.S. Embassy in Cairo

We are looking for Entrepreneurs and Marketers!

Dates: 18th, 19th, 20th October 2015

Trainer: Ms. Thanaa Hassan

Full agenda will be published soon!

Criteria for Selection:
1- Age between 18 – 35 Years old
2- Active Undergrad and Grad who have started implementing their project idea.
3- Community Service Projects (NGOs, Student Activities, Universities Clubs,….ect)
4- Prior experience is not a mandatory.

Important notes:

1- First come – First Served
2- Just the accepted applicants who will be allowed to attend the training, and No exception will be allowed
3- Deadline: 28th Sept. 2015
4- Questions should be answered in English no other languages will be accepted!

If you want your application to be accepted, read the following points and take it into consideration:

1- As long as the questions are in English, please keep your answers in English language.
2- No smiley faces or/and “Thank you,…etc” at the end of your answers in each question.
3- Check the spelling and grammar mistakes.
4- DON’T try to fill in the application TWICE! because you won’t be able to.
5- Don’t write just few words as an answer to question, write as much as you can minimum four paragraphs in each question.
6- Follow the application instructions, full name has to be at least 4 names (Mostafa Ahmed Mohamed Ali) and it has to be written in the same way we gave you the instruction!
7- There is no space in the Email and please don’t forget “.com” for example (Ali.nour / [email protected] )
8- Don’t copy and paste from your CV!
9- Essay questions are the most important one, write it very well.

General Notes:

1- Under G.O.L Responsibilities there is 50 LE as a contribution to GOL to keep sustainable and to cover our operation costs.
2- There is attendance certificate from IRC – US Embassy will be offered for whom will attend the whole training.
3- Session will start at 10 AM and end at 3:30 PM.
4- Deadline 28th Sept. 2015, Names will be published via GOL page and the Embassy will send confirmation mail for who is accepted.
5- For who will leave the session early before 2 PM or come late after 11:30 he/she will not be able to get the Embassy Certificate.
6- NO Catering will be offered.

Place: US Embassy in Cairo.

IRC: IRC on Facebook , GOL Team: GOL on Facebook , GOL on Google+ , GOL on LinkedIn

Sorry! new applications to this month training is over Protection Status